Interface BooleanIterable

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All Known Subinterfaces:
BooleanBidirectionalIterable, BooleanBigList, BooleanCollection, BooleanList, BooleanSet
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractBooleanBigList, AbstractBooleanBigList.BooleanSubList, AbstractBooleanCollection, AbstractBooleanList, AbstractBooleanList.BooleanSubList, AbstractBooleanSet, BooleanArrayList, BooleanArraySet, BooleanBigArrayBigList, BooleanBigLists.EmptyBigList, BooleanBigLists.ListBigList, BooleanBigLists.Singleton, BooleanBigLists.SynchronizedBigList, BooleanBigLists.UnmodifiableBigList, BooleanCollections.EmptyCollection, BooleanCollections.IterableCollection, BooleanCollections.SynchronizedCollection, BooleanCollections.UnmodifiableCollection, BooleanLists.EmptyList, BooleanLists.Singleton, BooleanLists.SynchronizedList, BooleanLists.SynchronizedRandomAccessList, BooleanLists.UnmodifiableList, BooleanLists.UnmodifiableRandomAccessList, BooleanOpenHashSet, BooleanSets.EmptySet, BooleanSets.Singleton, BooleanSets.SynchronizedSet, BooleanSets.UnmodifiableSet

public interface BooleanIterable
extends Iterable<Boolean>
A type-specific Iterable that strengthens that specification of iterator() and forEach(Consumer).

Note that whenever there exist a primitive consumer in java.util.function (e.g., IntConsumer), trying to access any version of forEach(Consumer) using a lambda expression with untyped arguments will generate an ambiguous method error. This can be easily solved by specifying the type of the argument, as in

    intIterable.forEach((int x) -> { // Do something with x });

The same problem plagues, for example, PrimitiveIterator.OfInt.forEachRemaining(java.util.function.IntConsumer).

Warning: Java will let you write “colon” for statements with primitive-type loop variables; however, what is (unfortunately) really happening is that at each iteration an unboxing (and, in the case of fastutil type-specific data structures, a boxing) will be performed. Watch out.

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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    default void forEach​(BooleanConsumer action)
    Performs the given action for each element of this type-specific Iterable until all elements have been processed or the action throws an exception.
    default void forEach​(Consumer<? super Boolean> action)
    Please use the corresponding type-specific method instead.
    BooleanIterator iterator()
    Returns a type-specific iterator.

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