Class AbstractChar2BooleanMap

All Implemented Interfaces:
Char2BooleanFunction, Char2BooleanMap, Function<Character,​Boolean>, Serializable, Function<Character,​Boolean>, IntPredicate, Map<Character,​Boolean>
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractChar2BooleanSortedMap, Char2BooleanArrayMap, Char2BooleanOpenCustomHashMap, Char2BooleanOpenHashMap

public abstract class AbstractChar2BooleanMap
extends AbstractChar2BooleanFunction
implements Char2BooleanMap, Serializable
An abstract class providing basic methods for maps implementing a type-specific interface.

Optional operations just throw an UnsupportedOperationException. Generic versions of accessors delegate to the corresponding type-specific counterparts following the interface rules (they take care of returning null on a missing key).

As a further help, this class provides a BasicEntry inner class that implements a type-specific version of Map.Entry; it is particularly useful for those classes that do not implement their own entries (e.g., most immutable maps).

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