Interface Char2LongSortedMap.FastSortedEntrySet

All Superinterfaces:
Char2LongMap.FastEntrySet, Collection<Char2LongMap.Entry>, Iterable<Char2LongMap.Entry>, ObjectBidirectionalIterable<Char2LongMap.Entry>, ObjectCollection<Char2LongMap.Entry>, ObjectIterable<Char2LongMap.Entry>, ObjectSet<Char2LongMap.Entry>, ObjectSortedSet<Char2LongMap.Entry>, Set<Char2LongMap.Entry>, SortedSet<Char2LongMap.Entry>
Enclosing interface:

public static interface Char2LongSortedMap.FastSortedEntrySet
extends ObjectSortedSet<Char2LongMap.Entry>, Char2LongMap.FastEntrySet
A sorted entry set providing fast iteration.

In some cases (e.g., hash-based classes) iteration over an entry set requires the creation of a large number of entry objects. Some fastutil maps might return entry set objects of type FastSortedEntrySet: in this case, fastIterator() will return an iterator that is guaranteed not to create a large number of objects, possibly by returning always the same entry (of course, mutated).