Class Long2ByteFunctions.EmptyFunction

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      • containsKey

        public boolean containsKey​(long k)
        Description copied from interface: Long2ByteFunction
        Returns true if this function contains a mapping for the specified key.

        Note that for some kind of functions (e.g., hashes) this method will always return true. In particular, this default implementation always returns true.

        Specified by:
        containsKey in interface Long2ByteFunction
        k - the key.
        true if this function associates a value to key.
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      • size

        public int size()
        Description copied from interface: Function
        Returns the intended number of keys in this function, or -1 if no such number exists.

        Most function implementations will have some knowledge of the intended number of keys in their domain. In some cases, however, this might not be possible. This default implementation, in particular, returns -1.

        Specified by:
        size in interface Function<Long,​Byte>
        the intended number of keys in this function, or -1 if that number is not available.
      • clear

        public void clear()
        Description copied from interface: Function
        Removes all associations from this function (optional operation).
        Specified by:
        clear in interface Function<Long,​Byte>
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      • clone

        public Object clone()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object