Class Object2ObjectFunctions

  • public final class Object2ObjectFunctions
    extends Object
    A class providing static methods and objects that do useful things with type-specific functions.
    See Also:
    Function, Collections
    • Method Detail

      • singleton

        public static <K,​V> Object2ObjectFunction<K,​V> singleton​(K key,
                                                                             V value)
        Returns a type-specific immutable function containing only the specified pair. The returned function is serializable and cloneable.

        Note that albeit the returned function is immutable, its default return value may be changed.

        key - the only key of the returned function.
        value - the only value of the returned function.
        a type-specific immutable function containing just the pair &lt;key,value&gt;.
      • synchronize

        public static <K,​V> Object2ObjectFunction<K,​V> synchronize​(Object2ObjectFunction<K,​V> f,
                                                                               Object sync)
        Returns a synchronized type-specific function backed by the given type-specific function, using an assigned object to synchronize.
        f - the function to be wrapped in a synchronized function.
        sync - an object that will be used to synchronize the access to the function.
        a synchronized view of the specified function.
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