Class SafeMath


public final class SafeMath extends Object
Static utility method for safe conversions between primitive types.

Note that the methods of this class will throw an exception whenever a larger type cannot be exactly represented by a smaller type. This includes doubles within the range a float, but with too many significant bits.

  • Method Details

    • safeIntToChar

      public static char safeIntToChar(int value)
    • safeIntToByte

      public static byte safeIntToByte(int value)
    • safeIntToShort

      public static short safeIntToShort(int value)
    • safeLongToChar

      public static char safeLongToChar(long value)
    • safeLongToByte

      public static byte safeLongToByte(long value)
    • safeLongToShort

      public static short safeLongToShort(long value)
    • safeLongToInt

      public static int safeLongToInt(long value)
    • safeDoubleToFloat

      public static float safeDoubleToFloat(double value)