Class AbstractChar2CharFunction

All Implemented Interfaces:
Char2CharFunction, Function<java.lang.Character,​java.lang.Character>,, java.util.function.Function<java.lang.Character,​java.lang.Character>, java.util.function.IntUnaryOperator
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractChar2CharMap, Char2CharFunctions.EmptyFunction, Char2CharFunctions.Singleton, Char2CharFunctions.UnmodifiableFunction

public abstract class AbstractChar2CharFunction
extends java.lang.Object
implements Char2CharFunction,
An abstract class providing basic methods for functions implementing a type-specific interface.

This class handles directly a default return value (including methods to access it). Instances of classes inheriting from this class have just to return defRetValue to denote lack of a key in type-specific methods. The value is serialized.

Implementing subclasses have just to provide type-specific get(), type-specific containsKey(), and size() methods.

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Serialized Form
  • Method Details

    • defaultReturnValue

      public void defaultReturnValue​(char rv)
      Description copied from interface: Char2CharFunction
      Sets the default return value (optional operation). This value must be returned by type-specific versions of get(), put() and remove() to denote that the map does not contain the specified key. It must be 0/false/null by default.
      Specified by:
      defaultReturnValue in interface Char2CharFunction
      rv - the new default return value.
      See Also:
    • defaultReturnValue

      public char defaultReturnValue()
      Description copied from interface: Char2CharFunction
      Gets the default return value.

      This default implementation just return the default null value of the type (null for objects, 0 for scalars, false for Booleans).

      Specified by:
      defaultReturnValue in interface Char2CharFunction
      the current default return value.