Class LongIterators.AbstractIndexBasedListIterator

All Implemented Interfaces:
BidirectionalIterator<Long>, LongBidirectionalIterator, LongIterator, LongListIterator, ObjectBidirectionalIterator<Long>, ObjectIterator<Long>, Iterator<Long>, ListIterator<Long>, PrimitiveIterator<Long,LongConsumer>, PrimitiveIterator.OfLong
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class LongIterators.AbstractIndexBasedListIterator extends LongIterators.AbstractIndexBasedIterator implements LongListIterator
A skeletal implementation for a list-iterator backed by an index-based data store. High performance concrete implementations (like the main ListIterator of ArrayList) generally should avoid using this and just implement the interface directly, but should be decent for less performance critical implementations.

This class is only appropriate for sequences that are at most Integer.MAX_VALUE long. If your backing data store can be bigger then this, consider the equivalently named class in the type specific BigListSpliterators class.

As the abstract methods in this class are used in inner loops, it is generally a good idea to override the class as final as to encourage the JVM to inline them (or alternatively, override the abstract methods as final).