Class ShortArrayFIFOQueue

All Implemented Interfaces:
PriorityQueue<Short>, ShortPriorityQueue, Serializable

public class ShortArrayFIFOQueue extends Object implements ShortPriorityQueue, Serializable
A type-specific array-based FIFO queue, supporting also deque operations.

Instances of this class represent a FIFO queue using a backing array in a circular way. The array is enlarged and shrunk as needed. You can use the trim() method to reduce its memory usage, if necessary.

This class provides additional methods that implement a deque (double-ended queue).

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      public static final int INITIAL_CAPACITY
      The standard initial capacity of a queue.
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    • ShortArrayFIFOQueue

      public ShortArrayFIFOQueue(int capacity)
      Creates a new empty queue with given capacity.
      capacity - the initial capacity of this queue.
      Implementation Notes:
      Because of inner limitations of the JVM, the initial capacity cannot exceed Arrays.MAX_ARRAY_SIZE − 1.
    • ShortArrayFIFOQueue

      public ShortArrayFIFOQueue()
      Creates a new empty queue with standard initial capacity.
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