Class Object2ReferenceOpenCustomHashMap<K,​V>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Function<K,​V>, Hash, Object2ReferenceFunction<K,​V>, Object2ReferenceMap<K,​V>, Serializable, Cloneable, Function<K,​V>, Map<K,​V>

public class Object2ReferenceOpenCustomHashMap<K,​V>
extends AbstractObject2ReferenceMap<K,​V>
implements Serializable, Cloneable, Hash
A type-specific hash map with a fast, small-footprint implementation whose hashing strategy is specified at creation time.

Instances of this class use a hash table to represent a map. The table is filled up to a specified load factor, and then doubled in size to accommodate new entries. If the table is emptied below one fourth of the load factor, it is halved in size; however, the table is never reduced to a size smaller than that at creation time: this approach makes it possible to create maps with a large capacity in which insertions and deletions do not cause immediately rehashing. Moreover, halving is not performed when deleting entries from an iterator, as it would interfere with the iteration process.

Note that clear() does not modify the hash table size. Rather, a family of trimming methods lets you control the size of the table; this is particularly useful if you reuse instances of this class.

See Also:
Hash, HashCommon, Serialized Form