Interface Reference2ReferenceMap.FastEntrySet<K,V>

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Collection<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>, Iterable<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>, ObjectCollection<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>, ObjectIterable<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>, ObjectSet<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>, Set<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>
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public static interface Reference2ReferenceMap.FastEntrySet<K,V> extends ObjectSet<Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>>
An entry set providing fast iteration.

In some cases (e.g., hash-based classes) iteration over an entry set requires the creation of a large number of Map.Entry objects. Some fastutil maps might return entry set objects of type FastEntrySet: in this case, fastIterator() will return an iterator that is guaranteed not to create a large number of objects, possibly by returning always the same entry (of course, mutated), and fastForEach(Consumer) will apply the provided consumer to all elements of the entry set, which might be represented always by the same entry (of course, mutated).

  • Method Details

    • fastIterator

      Returns a fast iterator over this entry set; the iterator might return always the same entry instance, suitably mutated.
      a fast iterator over this entry set; the iterator might return always the same Map.Entry instance, suitably mutated.
    • fastForEach

      default void fastForEach(Consumer<? super Reference2ReferenceMap.Entry<K,V>> consumer)
      Iterates quickly over this entry set; the iteration might happen always on the same entry instance, suitably mutated.

      This default implementation just delegates to Iterable.forEach(Consumer).

      consumer - a consumer that will by applied to the entries of this set; the entries might be represented by the same entry instance, suitably mutated.