Class ReferenceImmutableList<K>

All Implemented Interfaces:
ObjectIterable<K>, ReferenceCollection<K>, ReferenceList<K>, Stack<K>, Serializable, Cloneable, Iterable<K>, Collection<K>, List<K>, RandomAccess

public class ReferenceImmutableList<K> extends AbstractReferenceList<K> implements ReferenceList<K>, RandomAccess, Cloneable, Serializable
A type-specific array-based immutable list; provides some additional methods that use polymorphism to avoid (un)boxing.

Instances of this class are immutable and (contrarily to mutable array-based list implementations) the backing array is not exposed. Instances can be built using a variety of methods, but note that constructors using an array will not make a defensive copy.

This class implements the bulk method getElements() using high-performance system calls (e.g., System.arraycopy()) instead of expensive loops.

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